Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Who woke me up?

Staring back at the face in the mirror,
sometimes I feel like I don't know her anymore,
it's me, upon reflection,
She seems fine,
She seems cheerful,
but she has a pair of sad eyes,
oh why? oh why? why am I
ever so unclear of the situation around me?
ever so forgetful?
ever so silly, slow-witted?

Mirror mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the smartest of them all?
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the happiest of them all?

How I wish I have the reply: "You, my lady. You are full fair,smartest and the happiest."
pretty impossible,huh?

I blame myself for everything I am,
how could I ask for more,
I should have been tougher and smarter,
I should have been a good girl,
following my rules,
but now,this thing is breaking down,
how can I ever show someone tears that I haven't shed?
how can I still finding excuses to covered up my sin?
I don't really know how long it's gonna take to feel okay.

misty morning,
A perfect good day it is,
but bad luck is all I ever had for the whole day.

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