Sunday, 25 July 2010

From Raining to Shopping ♥

Outside.Rain is pouring.The scenery is quite grey.Wind breeze.Thunder roars.Tree's waving.What a scene.

Have a warming and loving shopping night with family ex.daddy.Although only mom bought her heels and make up.Three of us kids just went there like a bodyguard.Yvonne buried her head to her iphone almost the whole trip.I have no idea how she manages to kept her head down and focus on the screen when she is walking PS without bumping into anyone.Alex and I were talking,cling mom's hand sometimes and waiting.Wait,wait, and more waiting.At last mom bought her things and we were outta there.Pheww.♥

Went cold storage for groceries then.
Spotted:Alex is promoting women's pad to Y+mom.

He said that he is a pro salesman although he never took any training.What an annoy!Aha...We talk about a lot of things when we were driving home.Something about love,letters.Hate to know that someone is madly in love with Alex.I just so selfish that I don't want a new member to add in to my family.Screw me.

Finals and presentations are coming.I have to be tough and hardworking now.Call me a nerd.Bye movies+shopping,shall see you all in 2 weeks time.Ciao♥.Y.

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