Thursday, 15 July 2010

Stay out of my life

In the middle of the night is always the time that my heart went fragile and true.One can tell lies to another.They cover themselves from people.But when the time they have to face themselves,sad but true,they just can't cheat their hearts off.

There are some secrets and pains you can only keep it inside you.Not for sharing.If you are strong enough,you can be able to come out of it;but if you are real loser,you will suffer and hurt yourself.I think I am one of the loser.Congrats to me??All suffers and pains I can only shift it to my left shoulder if it's really hurt on my right shoulder.and Vice versa,and repeat,and repeat.I'm tired.Give me a break sometime.I need strength that I never had before.A real strong strength that can pull me out of my depressed life.

In my world,as my making of movie,there are a lot of people who I can't label them "friends".You are just merely a little part of my life.I am just not into you.I won't change myself because of you.If you are not qualified to be my friend,my curtain are closing.Just get out of my life.I am only human.I need some respect and also consideration.Don't cross over my limit.I would not waste my time to play the game with you.The conversation has dried.I am not concerned with your liking or disliking me.All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.Please,im begging you now,stay out of my life!

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