Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I swear ♥

My room's scene:a) Y is sounds asleep.
b) The fan is spinning and purifying the air.
c)The room's light is off.
d) My laptop is on.

Alright.I really swore to myself.After this blog,practice one more time of my presentation,then hit the bed. *Yawns*
I know I am hurting myself.I always complained that I don't have enough sleeps,but actually I didn't sleep when I was suppose to sleep,and I was force to open my eyes when it's time for me to wake up.

I just hope that I can get over my presentation tomorrow which I'd worked so hard.After tomorrow,I will be kind of free.Dear Lord,please have mercy upon my soul.I know You are be with me all the time.

My Ulcer is super hurt!!!*Crying* and I badly need medicine and water.Hope that it won't effect my presentation tomorrow.

PS: I want to be happy starting this very minute.No more tears.Y.♥


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