Tuesday, 27 July 2010

It Hurts.

It Bored me when the same people come and cheer me up everytime I cry.It's not that I don't appreciate you all,I thank you all and love you all as well.It's my own problem.Hope I don't disturb you all.Sometime everything is so cold in me.I miss the sunshine.I miss the laugh.I miss the real smile on my face.How long could I take?I left no strength.Sometimes it do hurts.I'm bleeding and no hope for healing.

No complete healing.Everything goes wrong.I'm afraid.It seems life turns around.Standing in the dark,I'm lost.Someone come and save me.No one understand.Turn up the volume of my music and scream out loud.I am becoming a desperate "not a girl but not yet a woman".Feel like strangle myself sometimes.Feel like cutting my hair off sometimes.Feel like sleeping and never wake up sometimes.

I can't make it through everything.I am not strong enough.My faith is losing.My spirit is dying.My mind is complicated.I keep falling down.I don't want to become a fake person.I am tired of acting.When the wind blows and slowly the shadow covering me,I just want to hide,to give up.Won't somebody takes me home?Please take me to somewhere new.Nothing's going right.My everything is a mess.Good for me.Y.

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