Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I think I'm okay

I don't know what hurts me sometimes.It just hurt so much.I don't want to cry sometimes.Tears just roll down.I don't want to think too much but I can't stop my mind from thinking much.My cheek flushed with tears.I had try to stop my tears but no use,my strength is weak.Ha ha to me.

I know I have many ways to climb a mountain.Many ways to live my life.Many ways to worship God.But as the sky turn to grey,my heart just about to crack open.I did care.I hate myself for caring about you all.You all left me empty sometimes.I just want you all to be more considerate sometimes.At least one day for me.I'm hurt.It's funny when I become invisible between you all sometimes.Now my heart is empty.You all are not my fairytale.It's me who confused myself at the first time.I'm just persuading myself.

I don't want to fall to pieces.I just want to cry myself to death.Y.

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