Monday, 26 July 2010

Huge Sigh of Relief♥

A big relief for me now.I had finished my Adv.English presentation today.I was nervous at first,then I started to calm down when I'm into my talking.Phew,luckily I'd managed to finished it on time.A big clap for myself first.During the time when I was presentation,few of my classmates keep smiling at me and I'd no idea why they did that.But,thanks to them,my fear lost and my confidence gained.♥

Have a fun time sharing moments with Sam.♥ She is such a gift.Although sometimes she seems blur but she is cute though.I never get really depressed around her.Jokes and memories were shared.Funny that i felt relieved.Maybe I was the one who think too much.Indeed,I have.Some friends you don't have to say anything,they will eventually knew that what you're feeling.Good gracious,we have lovely time picking up the missing pieces.I love you Sam,you shall be my best "sopo" forever♥ .muahaha.

2 more presentations to go.Grrreat.I'm still struggling to come up to the water and catch a breath.I faced the cold outside and no one will said that I didn't try.Looking forward to go home again.Home,but not alone.Y.

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