Sunday, 11 July 2010

♥Mission Impossible♥

I think I heard the thunder outside the it going to rain??Hope not,because Alex is still on the plane...Dear Father Lord,please Bless him will have a safe and happy journey on the plane.

I am now resting aka writing my bloggie~♥ had been buried my head in the sea of acc format and questions...The words are driving me crazy...I hate myself these days for being free while actually am not.I'm giving myself to be lazy...then only I realized that I had waste my 2 nights.Haiz...I hate distractions,especially from someone I do not fond of. Screw him and myself for being so stupid.

Sometimes,seeking for my dreams is a mission-impossible.I always ended up clumsily fell down.It's freaking me out sometimes to become a failure person.Haiz...I had found my dreams and I will use all my strength to achieve them...But,dreams are always so far away,sometimes they made me suffocated in the midway when running towards them.But I know that I should continue no matter what happen.I have to continue.All I have to do is to breath-in and breath-out...then pick up my broken pieces of heart and go on without my real true feelings,like a robot.Y♥.

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