Wednesday, 21 July 2010


My very own mood is swinging lately.I can't tell others my feelings.Probably happy,gray,blue,lust,maybe?craving for something?Maybe cheerful on the face but black inside?

From a shiny bright mood turned into black harden shape,just as you are drew far and far from me.Can't you see I'm trying hard to hide my pain?I had tried to ignore our problem.Don't you know that?Why did you give me the feeling that you don't care?You surely will denied whenever I talk about it.Do you really want me to get over it?Maybe I shouldn't have cared so much since you don't care.

Got back my accounting midterm marks today.I hate it.The red marks made me felt useless.63/83.Sucks.I'm sorry Yu Xiang,I think I've failed you.I'm blur like you always said.and I'm not as good as you think.I'm careless as usual.I don't really deserve an A for my SPM.I'm a failure.Don't get disappointed over me okay.

Message from Him said that letting go will make me wealthier and I must have faith inside me.I felt that actually I'm blessed for everything I had.I shouldn't have complained so much.Y.

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