Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Turn around,Strike a pose

Accidentally,I'd finished my parts on econs assignment earlier than I think that's why I decided to come up here.
I'd changed my templates.
Nothing in particular,I just feel like changing it.
To the "NEW" me,maybe? (glass clinking)

Awana's Trip was superb!!!
I never enjoyed so much with daddy and mamsie in my life.
Playing arcade with your parents was kinda COOL,especially when you were my age.
I felt childish though,throwing tiny soft ball at the machine's screen. :)
and laughed so hard that my cheeks actually do hurts.
It's like a perfect vacation for me.
It's all in my sweet memories.♥

Then there goes HIS wedding.
At Concorde Hotel on a Sunday night.
The night was awesome.
and I had to call him "UNCLE" from now on.
I seriously wish they will be living happily ever after.
well,princes and princesses did that.

Hottest Monday ever and we were heading to mid valley.
7 of us makes quite a good team.
Emily Blunt is a sugar!!! Love her!!
I love the movie but not them.How sad.
Maybe I'm living in my own world,heh... :) Who knows?

"The F4"

Oh ya,I had a very nice dream last night.
Although it's very uncrystal clear,
at least I could see his face.
It's felt so nice to start dreaming about good things again. :)

From now on Yvette,you are going to stop hating yourself.
you are going to treat yourself well.
you are going to complete your dreams.
and you shall be throne to be the queen of your kingdom.
I can do that,at least I guess so.


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