Thursday, 3 March 2011

Te quiero

Speaking in Spanish can be so romantic.
One of these days...or should I say someday instead?
I would like to travel to Barcelona,one of the most populous city in Spain.
I remember once I watched this movie with my bro Alex.
"Vicky Cristina Barcelona".
One of the movie scene was shoot in Barcelona,and I'd my first time experience watching a sex scene with my brother.(which is kinda embarrassed)
or maybe I shouldn't be embarrassed,
I should have asked him some biological question.(evil laugh) :D

The scenery was very beautiful,and the story was very interesting.
I highly recommended to those who loves classic and romantic cities and also very open-minded.
The ending was kinda sad for me.
I think people should live the life that they cherished with no regret but,
maybe life is really that cruel.Who knows?

Postscript: For you outta there,plagiarize is a sin,an unforgiven sin. So please,be cautious when you plagiarize my words and copy my style. and I'd chosen to pretend that I didn't saw those words.

My 16-year old pic,havn't changed much right? :)

am heading to Genting Highland in a few hours!!!
My,my,I'm Soooooo exited!!!
Gonna had a lot of pics upload so stay tuned!!! :)

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