Saturday, 26 February 2011

Hello Books,from: Nerdy Yvette

I'm going to be fast in this post.I still left a lot of studies pending.
Mid-term's next week.The clock is ticking super fast.
Sometimes I wonder why I'm studying all these subjects I'm taking this sem.
Accounting was fine to me,but Intro to Management?seriously?
to be honest,I kinda hate this subject.Marketing was way too far better than management.
I'm currently locking myself in my room since Thursday.
yesterday,Lil.Yv was out with her mateys,ice-skating somewhere out there.
and there she goes again now,out in somewhere celebrating someone's birthday.
I'm being left alone with my cold mashed potato and my thick fat text books.

I wanna go out,shopping.
I wanna go Home.I missed daddy and mamsie.
I wanna learn how to dance.
I wanna continue reading my "Hamlet" and "Pride and Prejudice".
I wanna try making dumplings. (cause I feel like eating now.)
I wanna breath in some fresh air.
I wanna do everything that I'm forbidden to do now.
Six days to go,and I shall be "quite" free.

Someday, in future,
will someone can actually kissed away all my pain?
will someone step forward and take my hand?
will someone make me his everything?

I want someone to climb up the balcony just to have his eyes on me.
I guess I'm too addicted to Romeo & Juliet.
should go back to my books now,sigh.and...

I still want my Hamlet...(whining)Y.

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