Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I gotta go my own way

It's been awhile after I realized I needa to come back here.
I'm not that busy actually.
It's just that I'm lost,for good.
Running away from reality never solve anything.
Cause deep down,you know the truth best.

besides,CNY was superb!! excluding the double big yellow wounds in my lips.
Did I mention how I hate ulcersss???
I couldn't talk well nor eat well with 'em.
and it's super torturing when hot boiling soup burns on 'em.Ouch.
It's getting better now,sooner it will be fully healed.
and I will be stuffing cny cookies into my mouth again. :)

One of these days,I will try walking alone in the woods.
listening to the birds chirping,
feeling my bare feet on the ground,
touching on every green green leaves,
lying on wet warm grass.

Classes started again this week.
first quiz and first presentation and mid-term is coming.
I gotta go my own way.

-They do not love that do not show their love-
and I'd suddenly missed William Shakespeare.Y.

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