Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Whataya Want From Me?

I really hate myself these day.HATE.Though I study CTS, I'm still sucks in making decision.I hate myself for not good enough,not smart enough and not discipline enough...

Everyday I keep asking myself to be happy and be strong,it did works at first,but now,why am I felt so disgusted at myself and felt very tired...I hate myself when I keep listening from my voice...I hate the time that I had to eat my lunch alone...I hate that I have to study alone...I hate that there is no one that take the same subjects with me...The story of my life is sucks!! SUCKS!!Sometimes I was thinking to vanishing from this earth...I hate my life nowadays...My life is like all messed up!Why am I so stress?? I couldn't breath well hearts hurt when I think of you all did disappoint me...

What exactly I'm writing this I also don't know...Life is already messing me up...Is it my problem?I really really super duper tripper quadruple hate myself...I just need a second to breath!! Y.

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