Friday, 5 March 2010


True to the words,my blog has reborn. Not to said the words 'Reborn'(its not that I didn't sign in my blogger for(God's know)how long!), it is just a new leaf has born.I changed every OUTER,but not the INNER.(The inner part of me will never change!)Just wanna change my new habit,I'm going to start posting blogs As Much As Possible...(Promises,as always...gee)

Talk about promises,some people always gave out their promise to their friends and family,it's kinda cool to give promises like 'I swear',but it so NOT-COOL when you broke off your promises!!I am not judging anyone,not practically judging,but sometimes it's irritating when excuses were given by them for thousands,millions,zillions times...speak of which,am going to see her in a weeks time...(duh!Stop me.Speaking of judging people...)

Time do going back to the HR tomorrow...another one week time I had to wait to come back home again...hate being away from home...

What can I say?? Girl had to be independent.Y.♥

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