Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year. New Me.

I have never thought everything will turn out to be so magical.
Not since I received that disappointed midnight text message.
My expectations fell,
my hopes are dashed,
and I have not expected my day to be turn out like this.
There were strong anger at first,
then turn to huge disappointment.
I've tried crying, to let all my disappointment flow, but nothing seems to work.
You shouldn't have break your promises,
and I swore to myself there were no friendship between us anymore.

I picked up my unpleasant feeling and went to Shogun with my family,
Both Lil.Yvonne and I are the birthday girl so we got to dine in for free!
I was really having a fun time there.
Daddy and Mamsie cheered me up, as always.
It's funny how mamsie tried to cheer us up by saying something really sweet,
I tell you, parents are the best.
They will never leave.

Everything turns magical after our lunch,
Alex called. Saying that he'll be back soon.
My party turned out amazingly,
and I had a very great time and it's the first time I countdown for a new year with my friends.
I felt enchanting.
It's a wonderful close-down for my 2011.

Well, let's hope my 2012 will be a marvelous year,
cause I can't wait to dashed off all my resolutions.

Kiss goodbye 2011,
Kiss hello 2012!
Happy New Year peeps! :)

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