Thursday, 15 December 2011

Life of a mess of a Dreamer.

Some time ago I was tempted by myself to close down this little blog of mine.
But part of me inside is not willing.
I wrote out my life and all the physical sensation I felt inside me,
seriously praying that no one is to plagiarize my pieces.
However,for the shades of grey I am feeling right now after reading my past blog post,
it is certainly not and never is my intention to emofied myself or my readers.
(Of course, if there are any readers)

I felt bad enough if my blog has ever made someone sad, I apologized.
It might not be a wise decision to close down my blog,
knowing that some of my friends might still be interested in reading it.

Way back to last week,
I had my very best day with my bunch of friends and my lovely sister on Thursday.
Lil.Yvonne and I are so excited about the Genting Highland trip and few's birthday celebrations,
though there is some issues arose with the new room-mate.
In the end the bunch of us managed only to have fun on two themed-park games,
which is the Merry-go-round(I forced them to take it with me) and The Flying Elephant(This I did not forced them) due to heavy mist and rain,
we did enjoyed much though.

Dinner at the famous steamboat restaurant with all eight of them was indeed very pleasant and delightful,
and I have someone to send me back to Sierramas!
That day was a magical day.

Mamsie is going to Thailand for a few days.
My, how am I going to survive?
I still have a little sister to feed to.
I missed her already,
like a child misses her blanket.
She kept sharing her cooking tips to me,
but I swore to her I was fine.
Well, we will see.
A little bit of malnutrition in me for a few days won't be a biggie, I guess?

Right now,
I wish there is someone who can lift my feet off the ground and sing me a song.

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