Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Weather,the Sky,the Daily Routine

I'm pretty upset with the weather these days.
It's raining everyday and everywhere!
with the humidity running low outside,
I can't even take a walk or picking up flowers at the park.
besides the uncomfortable misty drops,
the vampires're coming back too,leaving itchy scars all over me.
Somehow I felt lucky I've not been bitten on the neck. (Too much Vampire's Diaries,I guess)

Been staying home lately after the ever-exhausting exams,
Frankly,there's never a competition between home and HR.
It felt so good to be with Lil.Yvonne again,
A Girls-outing on Monday was indeed very pleasant,
and I can't wait for our next outing again!
After all those tiring working days,
Oh,sometimes girls just wanna have fun! :)

I found my own sweet time relaxing on mom's bedroom coach,reading my book,
with warm beams of sunlight shines through the window,
No interruptions here,laying there undisturbed.
I'm at peace.

and I can't help but hoping and praying that I will be that peaceful for the rest of my life.

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