Thursday, 2 June 2011

Kiss The Morning Dew.♥

One thing I hate about starting of a new semester is that I had to deal with registering subjects problem.
There is always a problem waiting for me everytime I enroll my subject.
5 semester already,never once failed.
Seriously,I'm very disappointed in HUC registering system.
A letter required for extra subject-taking.
Oh come on,this has got to stop!!!
It completely ruin my day and did me extra long-walking and in the end that extra journey ends for nothing!

but still,
I see that life is beautiful.
Although I'm super busy this week,classes mostly ended around 6pm,
and hit the bed after my bath for a power nap,
I still get to get on the bus although people are pushing around,
I still get to see the baby-orange evening sky when I walked back,
I still have Lil.Yvonne waiting for me to come back everyday and give me a Big smile,
I still get phone calls from Mamsie to released my stress,
I still get to have breakfast with friends before class,
I still have hopes for my future,
I still have little things to laughed on everyday,
Everything is easy now,because I have everything,
and I really appreciated them.

From a distance,the world looks completely different.
try find simple things that make you smile,

Once you found that special thing,
You're flying without wings. :)

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